Sunday, April 1, 2012


KOTA KINABALU: Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman has expressed confidence that with cooperation between the state and federal goverments, elected representatives and civil servants as well as the support of the people, the endeavour to make Sabah a developed state in line with the goals of Vision 2020, can be achieved.
The Chief Minister said he is aware that more needed to be done to raise the people’s standard and quality of life, especially in the rural and remote areas.
“And I also realise that whatever we do to bring progress, certain quarters, especially the opposition, will continue to criticise the government and look down on the programmes we have planned for implementation for the benefit of the people,”he said when delivering the finance ministry’s winding-up speech at the last-day sitting of the State Assembly here yesterday.
The opposition, he said was good in twisting the facts and seizing the opportunity to ‘pool the wool over the eyes’ of the people despite the achievements made by the Barisan Nasional government.
Meanwhile, Musa who is also Finance Minister urged his colleagues in the state administration to make more efforts to ensure all development programmes could be implemented and completed according to schedule.
The Chief Minister also said that the state government would ensure its financial resources were managed efficiently and spent wisely.
On the state administration complex which is undergoing construction, he explained that the proposal to place all divisions in the Chief Minister’s Department (CMD) and Finance Ministry was planned since the 1980s.
“In view of the increased role and function of the state civil service in carrying out the government’s development policies and strategies, an integrated complex is neeeded.
“Right now, most of the offices under the CMD and Finance Ministry were separately located and quite far from each other.
“In terms of logistics, this situation creates a lot of inconvenience not only for the people but also government officers who need to deal with one another,” Musa said.
He said some existing government buildings, such as Wisma Kewangan, were old and extensively damaged and the cost of repair was too high.
Musa also said government agencies and state-owned companies would contribute to the funding for the state administration complex project, apart from the state government itself.
Sawit Kinabalu Sdn Bhd will provide RM100 million, Warisan Harta (Sabah) Sdn Bhd, RM50 million and several statutories bodies and state agencies would come up with RM100 million in the form of dividends to the state government.
He added that since it would take 30 months to complete the complex project, the financing would be spread over in three years.
Musa also explained that it was not economical for state agencies and state-owned companies like Sawit Kinabalu and Warisan Harta to have their own buildings.
“If they are in the same building, they can share the facilities provided. And, it will also be convenient for the public if the CMD, Finance Ministry and other agencies operate under one roof,” he said.
The Chief Minister also said although the cost in building the complex was high, the state government has never failed to provide the necessary budget to carry out vital programmes such as to eradicate poverty and build infrastructures and public amenities.
Before concluding his speech, Musa also expressed his appreciation to the Assembly members who wished him “Happy Birthday”.
The Chief Minister turns 61 on March 30 this year.
And, he also wished all Christians Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter.