Monday, March 26, 2012

BEAUFORT: Wanita Umno exco member Datuk Hajah Azizah Mohd Dun has criticised the attitude of certain individuals who have been accusing the women’s division here headed by her as  traitors to the party.
She said the women’s wing has long been the backbone of Umno especially in ensuring victory for the Barisan Nasional (BN) in the elections.
“I’m not angry if I do not get nominated (as a candidate in the coming general election), but do not accuse Wanita Umno division here as traitors to the party.
Our members have been working hard for the party and government.
From the beginning, now and forever, the women form the backbone of Umno and this has been acknowledged by Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak himself, “ Azizah added.
The Minister of Community Development and Consumer Affairs, was speaking at a meet-the-people gathering at Kampung Klias.
The Klias assemblywoman also said the women’s division here remained undeterred and would continue with their struggle for the people and the party.
“Our spirit remains strong despite the growing challenges because we are always loyal to the party.
“Our struggle is sincere and we do not expect anything in return for personal gains. Our sustenance comes from God, “ said Azizah.
Azizah, who is also Sabah Wanita Umno deputy head, urged all the women’s divisions in Sabah to make sure their respective election machineries are in order and to go down to the grassroots to meet the people more often so as to ensure a victory for BN in the coming general elections.
All party members who attended the event pledged their allegience to the party and support to Azizah.
Recently, Umno Kampung Jangkit branch, Awang Ramli Mohd Gati, said the Umno Beaufort Wanita division should not be overly emotional over the division’s proposal not to re-nominate Azizah as the BN candidate for the Klias seat in the 13th general elections.
He said it was just a proposal as the final decision lies with the central Umno leadership to pick a suitable candidate.
“As such, the Wanita Umno Beaufort should not question the division for making that proposal as this is part of the selection process of candidates to be finalised by the central party leadership,” said Awang Ramli

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me gusta said...

Tidak perlu melatah jika tuduhan yang dilemparkan tidak benar. Fokus kepada perjuangan sebenar.

rebirth said...

anggap saja ada pihak yang terdesak cuba melemahkan wanita umno Sabah.. yang penting, rajin2 la tampil ke media untuk memberikan penjelasan sekiranya ada khabar angin yang tidak baik tentang wanita umno Sabah atau berkenaan dengan kepimpinan Azizah..

Green Sabah said...

Keep staying strong, Wanita Umno. Don't worry about what people say, just do your part right that is all that matters.

Green Sabah said...

Selection of candidates lies in the hands of the party president, I'm sure they will make the best decision as of who are the best candidate to represent the party.

ferlo said...

wanita UMNO perlu bersatu padu, fokus pada perjuangn sebenar.

Alexis said...

Prove that their accusation is wrong. Just keep fighting.

Alexis said...

Are they link this with Shahrizat as the Ketua Wanita UMNO, who involved in NFC issue?

sabahissues said...

Please, the election is coming soon...stop all this fighting between each of you & gear up yourself for the election.

Hanroizin said...

Sokongan kepada Dun Klias ini nampaknya tidak berbelah bagi. Ini kerana beliau merupakan contoh pemimpin yang prihatin.

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