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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

(Berita Dari Sabah): Candidates For GE-13 Shall Be Natives Of The Area

LAHAD DATU: A person, who wishes to be nominated as candidate in the next general election in the Silam area, must be a native of the area.
“In the Umno monthly meeting on Saturday, it was decided only natives of Silam area are eligible to compete as representatives of the people, in which if the person was born in Lahad Datu, then the person is qualified to compete, same with Kunak and Tungku, and no exception to the Silam parliamentary seat,” said the Umno division chief, Datuk Datu Nasrun Datu Mansur.
Nasrun said these criteria must be complied with to facilitate and smoothen the division work to ensure the candidate not only win, but win by the largest vote.
“This decision is the result of our discussion involving Silam division committee, although some parties were against it, but the amount is too small and the majority of committee members agree and fully support this proposal.
“The chosen candidates must be from the division committee members,” said Nasrun, who is also the Coordinator Chairman of BN Silam.
According to Nasrun, Umno Silam has also fully prepared to face election, which may be held at anytime.
“Umno Silam are committed in maintaining a great victory to Barisan Nasional in the next general election, we are confident that people in Lahad Datu, Tungku, and Kunak know how to value between gems and glass.
“All the development that have been brought without neglecting people welfare is the proved of BN sincerity. There are no parties more powerful than BN, therefore do not bet on national pride for the empty promises that only appears in the general election time,” he said.
Meanwhile, he also hopes that all parties, especially at the grass roots to accept candidates who have been selected and will provide them support without hesitation, because the BN is the best candidate.
“Support from the grass roots such as the leaders and members of the branch is highly appreciated, as they are the reason BN still standing, they are the root of a strong fighting spirit and never brittle despite of many challenges, so we say a big thank you to them,” he added.