Friday, October 21, 2011


SABAH DAP State Assistant Secretary, Junz Wong said Yong Teck Lee the SAPP President was defeated and having a very slim votes received, and ranking last in the Batu Sapi by-election had put him in deep regrets, and he is unhappy ever since.
In return he turned towards the Sabah DAP accusing that DAP colluded with the UMNO to jointly attack him that caused his bad defeat. He felt highly on himself, and he took every else as no good.
Since Yong Teck Lee had brought up the topic, and we take this opportunity here to tell him some facts so that he wouldn’t keep on accusing us and hopping on his defeat in Batu Sapi.
The by-election in Batu Sapi was a battle either to win or loss, if Yong had decided to join the fray, he should face the defeat gracefully and accept the defeat. There is no point to divert attention and finger pointing that Sabah DAP advisor Hiew worked with UMNO to defeat him. That is all lies and unfounded, because the Youth team were working side by side with Hiew during that time.
If Yong wanted to blame us for his defeat, by all means, because it is true that we did caused his defeat and put him into the last position and nearly lost his deposit. The voters in Batu Sapi were the one who decided on who should win.
Very unfortunately, Yong was not selected by them based on many reasons. In the first place, if Yong could not face defeat due to his high ranking as the ex-Chief Minister and the president of SAPP, he should not have joined the fray anyway. The decision of the voters was merely giving him an honest warning and a fair weighing of his support in Sabah.
May be Yong wanted DAP to campaign for him instead for the PKR Ansari, this must a big joke. He even said the DAP teamed up with UMNO to attack on him. How can the people accept this kind of outrageous words from him? We wanted to let Yong know because the PR candidate equally faced attacks from BN too.
SAPP called the Sabah DAP as ‘Parrots’ and had to listen to the federal DAP leaders, and it is the ‘small rocket following the big rocket’, such comment from them is totally unacceptable and rather insulting.
Yong is ignorance of the fact that Sabah DAP is under DAP Malaysia, and Lim Kit Siang is our State advisor, so is Hiew , and Lim only gives advise and no instructions, the decision is made jointly by the state committee members. May be unlike the SAPP, Yong is the ‘General’. By calling us the ‘Parrot’ is unfounded and the Sabah Pakatan Rakyat has been granted the autonomy and right to decide by the PR top leadership.
To remind Yong that Lim Kit Siang had devoted his whole life to the country, to fight for the rights of the people, with high principles, clean, straight, and even went to jail for the people. He never backs down, and very firm on issues, this is a good example for our young Rocket to follow and learn from. We are proud of him.
What is wrong for us to learn from him? If Yong do not agree, then he is very wrong, and he should let the people be the judge. We DAP is firm on the rights o the Sabahan and it is a guarantee. Unlike the other people who talk about protecting the right of the local Sabahan but in return betrayed the locals, especially involved in the Project IC, and making new Sabahan etc.
Yong always dreams to take over the power in Sabah, and become chief minister by saying he can change Sabah and the question is can he do that, or is this his real intention? May be this is his motive to pull out from BN, and he knew under the BN he will have no chance to be CM again and he can not get what he wanted.