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Monday, April 2, 2012

(Berita Dari Sabah) 100 illegals detained in Sandakan

Dipetik: The Borneo Post

SANDAKAN: The Special Task Force detained 100 illegal immigrants in an operation in the district on Saturday.
Its deputy director, ACP Abdul Aziz Alwee, said a total of 313 people were checked during the first day of the two-day ‘Operasi Tanduk Siri’. Out of those held, 76 were adults and 24 were children aged between four to 15. Ninety-three of the detainees are Filipinos and the rest Indonesians.

“They will be detained for not more than two months for documentation process before deportation to their countries of origin,” said Aziz, adding that those convicted of crimes would have to serve their sentence first.
“The operation covered nine areas around Sabah, including Tawau, Papar, Penampang and Kota Kinabalu,” he said at a press conference at the temporary detention center here yesterday.

Construction sites, plantations, factories, town and rural areas were covered during the operation.
“Some of the foreigners came on a social visit but overstayed their welcome. When asked where they bought their illegal documents or where they work, they never gave a straight answer,” said Aziz.
He added that most of them were here for work as labourers.
“Most Malaysians don’t want to work as labourer, so we have to rely on the immigrants who might not have a legal document for their stay in this country.

“There are times when the employers would take advantage of this  situation and provide the immigrants with very low income and in somecases they won’t be paid at all,” he said adding that employers wouldbe fined RM10,000 for protecting and hiring illegal immigrants.